Yellow Kratom

As with any health food product, there are sometimes a select few that are more obscure. When it comes to Kratom products, this is the case when looking at Yellow Kratom. While considered the “Holy Grail” in the researcher’s eyes, Yellow Kratom has minimal evidence supporting its efficacy and origins.

If you are a researcher or a curious consumer looking to learn more about this mysterious product, continue reading below. While there are some places where you may find this type of Kratom, it may be recommended to try out another strain color with more evidence to support it, such as the red, green, or white strains.

This page delves into the world of Yellow Kratom, looking at some of its theoretical origin stories and the claimed benefits it may provide. As there is minimal notable research to back up these claims, it is vital to use caution when buying any Kratom product.

The Origins Of Yellow Kratom

Just as the red, green, and white Kratom variants come from the mitragyna speciosa tree, so does Yellow Kratom. This evergreen tree is native to tropic and subtropic areas, most commonly in Southeast Asian rainforests. The climate here consists of hot temperatures and high humidity, perfect for growing the mitragyna speciosa to tall heights, upwards of 50 feet. This plant also hosts large leaves, which are the original form of all Kratom products.

The leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree contain active compounds, commonly known as alkaloids. These phytochemicals provide researchers with the apparent benefits of the product. For many years, people did not know what Kratom was until it was discovered that indigenous communities in Southeast Asia had been using the product for various health purposes. They claimed that the leaves alleviated physical pain when chewed and even improved concentration when brewed into a tea.

The two alkaloids that are responsible for these claims are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids are present in varying quantities depending on the type of Kratom strain you purchase. As there is not much information regarding Yellow Kratom, the amounts present in this strain are unknown. The odd report suggests that it has high amounts of each.

Yellow Kratom Legitimacy

Even though the claims about the other strains have been researched and supported, government agencies like the Food and Drug Administration in the United States have been reluctant to regulate the product as a therapeutic health product.

They have decided instead to take a firm stance against the plant. There was even a former FDA commissioner who attempted to designate the substance a Schedule I drug. Thanks to groups like the American Kratom Association and the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, these efforts were halted.

When consumers use Yellow Kratom without substantial backing, they are putting Kratom at risk of becoming banned around the world. It is important that you only use products with scientific data available.

The Other Colors

The vein colors on the leaves begin as white, turn green, and then red. This is a common cycle for the mitragyna speciosa tree, and at no point does it turn yellow. However, some theories suggest that it does turn yellow, well after it turns red, but this theory does not have a lot of evidence to suggest it is true.

When the vein color is white, the composition of alkaloids contains more mitragynine. At the green phase, there is a somewhat equal balance of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, whereas red-veined strains have more 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Because Yellow Kratom does not have a role in the standard cycle, many vendors choose not to offer this product. If you find Yellow Kratom for sale, it may not be actual Yellow Kratom, but instead, another strain incorrectly labeled. As it is also considered a rare and exotic strain, some vendors may think they can attract more customers by selling it. Still, the reputable vendors know that they are better off only selling reliable strains.

Yellow Kratom Origin Theories

It is well known how red, green, and white Kratom strains are made, but there are differing theories for Yellow Kratom’s origins. Three theories tend to stand out the most, and they are as follows:


  1. Once the mitragyna speciosa leaves turn red, they will eventually change to yellow after an extended period. As most farmers harvest when they are red, or the leaves fall before reaching yellow, this theory is hard to substantiate. These supposed yellow-veined leaves would then be used to create Yellow Kratom products. 
  2. Green, white, and red-veined leaves are all collected, combined, and dried together. Once they are ground down, the resulting powder is fermented. After fermentation, the color changes to yellow, and the powder is then used for Yellow Kratom products.
  3. After the red-veined leaves are harvested, they are left to dry much longer than usual. Similar to this theory, another states that Yellow Kratom comes from green and white varieties dried for an extended period and then mixed.

Reported Effects Of Yellow Kratom

Even though there is not a ton of evidence to support any of the claims regarding Yellow Kratom, there are some general health benefits some have reported they experienced after somehow sourcing it:

These claims include:

  • Improved mental performance and cognition
  • Reduced anxiety and relaxation
  • A decrease in physical pains

Some claims say users experienced a similar effect to Green Kratom. As green strains are known for a balance between mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, this could be a characteristic of Yellow Kratom.

Finding High-Quality Yellow Kratom

Finding high-quality Yellow Kratom is going to be near impossible. Almost all reputable vendors refrain from selling Yellow Kratom because they can either not find it, or do not feel comfortable marketing a product with so little information to support its effects.

If you do end up finding Yellow Kratom, it may be of much lesser quality than the red, green, and white variants, which means you are much better off buying these strains instead.

Ensure that your supplier is a fair trade business and is appropriately compensating their growers in Southeast Asia. They most likely will also be lab testing which means you can rest assured you will have a safe experience.

If you want to learn more about Kratom products or new information about Yellow Kratom, contact the American Kratom Association.

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