White Kratom

Your journey into the world of medicinal health products and herbal remedies may introduce you to a highly coveted product known as White Kratom. While Kratom comes in several colors, including green and red, the white strains are known as top-tier by enthusiasts and researchers alike.

If you have been perusing an online Kratom store thinking about making a purchase, you most likely will be wondering what all the hype is about the white strains. Like many other health products, it is important to look at where the product comes from, how it is made, and the best place to find it. Once you get a feel for this information, you will better understand whether it will be a product that is right for you.

Currently, there are laws in place that make Kratom only available in the USA for research purposes. You may be able to buy online, but make sure you take the initiative and find a dealer selling high-quality products sourced directly from Southeast Asia.

The White Kratom Tree

White Kratom products come from the tree mitragyna speciosa. This tree grows in Southeast Asia and, for years, has been used by communities in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. These communities would chew on the leaves and make tea out of them, and claimed that it helped them combat fatigue after intense manual labor.

The tree can thrive in these parts of the world because the climate is just right. There is highly acidic, mineral-dense soil and moist air, all of which are needed to foster healthy mitragyna speciosa plants. The plants in these areas were discovered to host active compounds, several of which are responsible for the communities’ claims which hasn’t been proved yet. These two alkaloids are called 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.

All strains of Kratom host these two alkaloids, but some have higher concentrations than others. The concentrations will change throughout the plant’s growth. White Kratom, which has become so famous worldwide, is made from the youngest leaves on the tree that have white veins at the time of harvest. If these leaves are left to continue growing, they would eventually turn green, followed by red.

These White Kratom strains are known to potentially interact with the certain receptors, which is why they may cause the effects reported by indigenous communities. However, much more research must be done to substantiate these claims. When buying your White Kratom, it’s preferable to buy from a supplier who sources it directly from these Southeast Asian communities, where small family-run farms make up a bulk of the production.

The Unique White Kratom Harvest

Unlike the other Kratom strains, White Kratom comes from the least mature leaves. They are the first leaves to grow and are known to have higher concentrations of mitragynine. Some users believe that White Kratom is more stimulating and an excellent product to incorporate into a morning routine.

Once the white-veined leaves have been harvested from the plant, they will be left to dry on large racks. The length of the drying period can further alter the concentration and composition of the alkaloids within the plant. Furthermore, the plants grown in Thailand will be different from the plants grown in Malaysia, and so on, depending on which country they are grown in. For this reason, you are going to find various types of White Kratom, ranging from White Indo Kratom Capsules to Bali White Kratom Powder.

When the leaves have dried out thoroughly, they are pulverized into a dusty, light powder, eventually lab-tested. Only reputable vendors will be lab testing, so buying from elsewhere could have you using contaminated products. After lab-testing occurs, the White Kratom powder will be shipped to vendors worldwide.

As the farmers play such a critical role in the production of White Kratom, your supplier should also be running a fair trade business so that they receive substantial compensation for their efforts. Otherwise, you will be supporting an unethical and potentially environmentally-harming supplier.

Forms Of White Kratom

There are three primary forms of White Kratom. These include capsules, powders, and extracts. Each of these products comes in various strain types. The capsules contain pure Kratom powder, whereas the powder is the raw plant material after pulverization.

On the other hand, the extracts are a much more potent product, which often looks like a darker form of the powder. You may find the odd dealer who sells liquid Kratom extract.

Favored White Kratom Strains

These are the most commonly sold White Kratom products and the most favored by enthusiasts and researchers alike:

Indo White Vein Kratom: This White Kratom strain is favored because Indonesia’s soil is known to produce strains with high alkaloid concentrations. This strain, in particular, has more mitragynine and less 7-hydroxymitragynine. 

White Maeng Da Kratom: This White Kratom strain comes from Thailand and is commonly used by researchers to promote mental and physical stimulation. Some call it an energy-booster. 

White Borneo Kratom: This White Kratom strain comes from Borneo, and it is not as easy to find as some of the other white strains. Some people believe this strain is excellent for overall mood-enhancement. 

Trustworthy Suppliers Guarantee Lab-Tested White Kratom

When buying any of the above products, you must make sure your source is reputable. They should be operating a fair trade operation that takes care of the farmers in Southeast Asia while also keeping their product contaminant free through lab-testing.

Profiteers and scammers contribute to a poor Kratom reputation and only muddy the research waters. You can keep them out of business by supporting Kratom vendors who are doing the extra work.

Start by looking at testimonials, reading reviews, and speaking to the American Kratom Association’s experts. With the right data under your belt, you can keep yourself protected and guarantee your White Kratom is high-quality.

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