Red Kratom

Learning about Kratom is critical before you decide to purchase products. A standard product great for starting your research is Red Kratom. Red Kratom is one of the most popular types because of its unique alkaloid make-up. Most vendors will sell Red Kratom as one of their primary strains, as there is a ton of anecdotal evidence showing positive reviews.

All researchers should also be aware that there are some limitations in place regarding the sale of Kratom. Even though it is widely available online for purchase in the USA, it is for research purposes only. Kratom has had a rocky relationship with regulatory bodies such as the FDA. As a result, buying responsibly is very important if you want to see Kratom become more widely accepted in the future.

Outlined below is some important information regarding one of the most popular strains, Red Kratom. By researching more about the different types of Kratom and the colors, you can become a responsible user of the product.

What's The Significance of Colored Strains?

The colored strains do not refer in any way to the color of the powder. The color refers to the vein colors on the leaf at the time of harvest. All the different strains come from the same plant, mitragyna speciosa. This plant is native to Southeast Asia, which is where many vendors get their products. Plants that are grown in other parts of the world tend to be of lesser quality and do not host the same amount of active compounds.

Throughout the plant’s lifetime, it will grow leaves that change vein colors. When the leaves are young, they have white veins, and as they grow older, the veins change to green and then to red. While the leaves’ veins are changing color, the alkaloid composition within the plant is also changing. For this reason, vendors sell different types of Kratom strains labeled as colors because they will each provide unique effects.

A farmer can control which products they supply vendors with by choosing when to harvest. If they harvest leaves that are young, they are going to make white vein strains. Similarly, older leaves are going to be responsible for the red strains. There will be the odd chance that you come across Yellow Kratom, which does not have a ton of research supporting its origins. There are several theories regarding Yellow Kratom, and if you want to learn more, you can check out online info.

To figure out which strain color is right for you, it is best to try them all. Red Kratom is a great place to start because many users worldwide claim this to be the best color strain.

How Is Red Kratom Harvested?

If a farmer wants to harvest Red Kratom, they will have to wait longer than they would for the white and green varieties. The red veins will only appear at the last stage of a leaf’s maturation. Once the leaves develop these red veins, they will be picked and hung up to dry on large racks. There is the odd case where the leaves will be fermented, but this is only done for some strains such as Bentuangie.

Once the leaves are harvested and dried, they will be put into industrial grinders and pulverized into a powder. These powders are then distributed to vendors around the world. Some vendors will sell this product directly or use the powder to create the other commonly sold products. When looking at Red Kratom specifically, these powders and capsules have more of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine. The other strains will have higher levels of mitragynine and provide different effects.

When looking at the potential effects of Red Kratom, it is essential to note some of the anecdotal reports online. People claim that it has brought mental clarity and calmness.

The Most Popular Red Kratom Strains

Not only does the vein color influence the alkaloid composition, but the geographic location where the individual plants are grown also plays a vital role. Vendors will further categorize their strains by geographic location. Through this process, some strains have begun to stand out much more than others. Some of the most popular Red Kratom strains are listed below.

Red Bali Kratom from Bali’s Indonesian province is favored because it provides a peaceful and mild experience. Beginners love this product.

Borneo Red comes from Borneo, which has a very extensive rainforest. This strain provides a harmonious combination of energy and relaxation.

Red Maeng Da comes from Thailand and is known for its extreme potency. Maeng Da is a Thai word that often refers to water bugs. All Maeng Da strains are very popular as they have high concentrations of alkaloids.

Red Kapuas is very potent and grows on the edges of the Kapuas Hulu river in Indonesia. Some people believe it brings comfort and a sense of peace.

When buying any of these Red Kratom strains, you will have the option to buy capsules, bulk powder, or extracts. Powders are great for adding to smoothies and other DIY projects, where capsules provide consistency and convenience. You may even get to find a Red Kratom extract which offers a very potent dose of the product, best used by Kratom enthusiasts with lots of experience. 

DIY or Manual Encapsulation

On the other side of the spectrum is manual or DIY encapsulation. This is when a Kratom researcher will buy bulk powder and empty gel caps and encapsulate the powder without power machinery. They will either do this completely manual, using scales and small tools to shovel the powder into the capsule, or buy an encapsulation tray. Using this tray, which contains many holes, they can insert one end of a gel cap, fill it with the Kratom powder, and then top them all off.

Both of these methods effectively make capsules, but the industrial method ensures that the doses are the same each time. Sometimes, it is worth the extra bit of money to buy the capsules pre-made.

Always Remember Where You Buy

Regardless of what Kratom products you’re buying, you must buy from a reputable source. As you want your Red Kratom to be lab-tested and free of contaminants, taking your time to investigate the supplier and look into their testimonials is the best first step to take.

Even if you find lower prices somewhere else and believe the product to be pure, it is best to speak to some of the other enthusiasts you can find online and learn their opinion. It would be best if you double-checked that they are a fair trade business as this alludes to the fact that their farmers are properly compensated.

Not only does pure product protect you, but it also keeps research from discrepancies. The more accurate research efforts are, the more likely that Kratom’s reputation will improve.

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