Kratom Product Types

As more Kratom products are becoming available in North America, some governmental agencies doubt whether they can be classified as useful holistic substances. While there are claims from communities in Southeast Asia and online forums stating that Kratom can help relieve issues and combat some problems, it can sometimes be looked at as an unpredictable substance, due to its complex chemical makeup.

Rather than putting efforts into better understanding the product, regulatory bodies are quick to dismiss it. Despite this, Kratom remains legal in the USA to be used for research. If you have perused an online Kratom store, you may find that there are various product types. This article will provide an overview of these products.

Common Names For Kratom

While Kratom is the name you hear most often in North America, there are several other labels it goes by around the world.

Mitragyna Speciosa: This is the scientific name given to the tree on which Kratom leaves grow. It is a tropical evergreen grown throughout Southeast Asia. 

Kutum, Ketum, or Biak: These are Malaysian names for Kratom. The communities here would traditionally smoke Kratom or make tea. They also claimed it helped with digestive issues. 

Thomu, Ithang, or Kakuan: These are Thai names. In Thailand, people commonly use the product for its potential healing and mood enhancement effects. 

Puri or Kadamba: In Indonesia, they call Kratom by these names. Here, they would use the plant for primarily fighting physical pain. Indonesia remains one of the biggest exporters of Kratom. 

There are other countries where Kratom is common such as Vietnam and the Philippines. They do not, however, have much influence on the distribution and production of the plant. In Vietnam, they call Kratom giam, whereas, in the Philippines, it is called mambog.

Kratom Strains & Colors

There are three primary Kratom colors: red, white, and green. The colors will change throughout the life of the leaves. When the plant first grows the leaves, the veins within are white. Over time they will become green followed by red. Each vein color is responsible for producing a different alkaloid composition. 

The alkaloid composition is the active part of the plant, which provides the “therapeutic” effects Kratom offers. A farmer can control which products they produce or strains by staggering after harvest. They will pick some of the white and let the others turn green and red. 

There have been other circumstances where Yellow Kratom is for sale at a retailer’s store, but there is not much research behind Yellow Kratom, so not many tend to sell it. If you want to buy Kratom products, you should make sure you are buying either a red, white, or green strain as these tend to be the most common, and there is the most information on these products circulating.

The Harvesting and Production Of Kratom Strains

After the mitragyna speciosa tree has grown its leaves, they will be individually selected for harvest. The farmer will monitor the crops so that they can determine the best time to pick. If a farmer is harvesting for white Kratom, they will pick the youngest leaves, whereas, for red Kratom, they will pick the most mature leaves. Any leaves that they do not pick are left on the tree, and the plant continues to grow. By staggering the harvest, they can keep the vegetation healthy and prevent the soil from being stripped. Some crops like palm oil and timber require entire soil portions to be starved of nutrients, whereas staggering Kratom harvest allows the land to replenish. 

Once the leaves have been selected for harvest, they will be dried. Depending on the vendor’s requests, a farmer may dry the leaves in the sun or shade. Some strains of Kratom, such as Bentuangie, require fermentation of the leaves before grinding. After the leaves are ground into a powder, they will be made into the products you see for sale. A select few vendors may request the leaves before any processing happens as they might have customers who want to buy the whole leaves. 

The Potential Health Effects Of Kratom Products

As briefly mentioned above, the alkaloid composition changes as the plant matures. Each composition is responsible for delivering different effects. When you purchase Kratom products and see different strain types, they will all have different alkaloid compositions. There have been accounts of these alkaloids having intense physical benefits such as relief and effects like relaxation. 

Even though Kratom is legal in the USA to buy for research purposes, the FDA has banned Kratom vendors from talking openly about the potential benefits that it can offer. If you want to learn more about the different effects, it is best to conduct independent research and speak to advocacy groups such as the American Kratom Association.

The Types Of Products

Without further or due, the types of Kratom products are:

Kratom Powders

Kratom powders are often bought in bulk quantities and provide researchers with pure unadulterated Kratom. After the leaves have been pulverized, the power is put into airtight packaging and sold to researchers. These powders can be turned into soap, added to smoothies, or even put into DIY capsules. You can find more recipes for these online. 

Kratom Leaves

There is the odd chance that you may be able to buy Kratom leaves. These leaves are best chewed on to reap the benefits, or you can brew them into a tea. As there is plenty of inert plant material included in the leaves, it is recommended to buy other products. 

Kratom Extracts

Extracts are potent versions of Kratom products. You can buy powder extract, capsule extracts, and even extract liquid tinctures. When looking for extracts, you must keep your eye out for a denotation stating the strength. Some people who are new to Kratom don’t want to be taking something that could be too strong. These extracts are sometimes best for more experienced users. 

Kratom Capsules

A very convenient way to take Kratom is by using capsules. Capsules contain pure Kratom powder, but there are also Kratom extract capsules available. You can buy capsules in various strains and even make your own at home using raw Kratom powder and empty gel caps. Buying them premade will eliminate the chance of you losing the product or messing up the consistency. 

When buying any of the above products, you should use caution. Make sure that you are only buying products that are coming from a store with a good reputation. Many businesses are not out to sell pure products and instead are only looking for profits. By investigating your source, checking that they are fair trade, you can keep yourself away from counterfeit products.

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