Kratom Pills

Kratom pills are a product often met with confusion, even among Kratom enthusiasts and researchers who have been working with the product for some time. Where the confusion stems from is that people have trouble differentiating between pills, capsules, and tablets. Kratom pills tend to refer to either a tablet or a capsule. Tablets are Kratom powder combined with stabilizers and bonding agents, whereas a Kratom capsule is pure Kratom powder sealed within a small vegetable capsule.

Most vendors will sell Kratom capsules and label them as such rather than call them Kratom pills. However, it is good to know a bit about both tablets and capsules so that you can make the right choice. Having the right knowledge about Kratom and some of the available products will keep your research safe from counterfeit items which may pose health dangers.

Kratom Pill Origins

Kratom pills come from the same plant as the rest of the Kratom products you see available. The tropical plant mitragyna speciosa produces leaves that are harvested and ground into a powder used to make the products. The tree is a common plant in Southeast Asia, with many countries growing it to make Kratom products. For hundreds of years, communities in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia have been using the leaves to help with various physical ailments.

Claims from these communities have been the subject of debate worldwide, with more researchers trying to learn more about the plant. Currently, there are limitations on Kratom within the USA, which prevents substantial research efforts from taking place. There is still lots of anecdotal evidence online that can be reviewed. Most of these research efforts focus on two phytochemicals. These are alkaloids by the name of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The reports online alluding to the effects of Kratom products are largely due to these active compounds.

The plant can host these active compounds due to the nutrient-dense soil in Southeast Asia. The soil is acidic, and paired with the warm climate; the conditions are ideal for making sure these plants host ample amounts of compounds. For this reason, plants grown elsewhere around the world other than in Southeast Asia are most likely going to be of lesser quality.

Forming Kratom Pills

There are two main methods for forming Kratom pills. There are industrial methods and manual or DIY methods. When looking at these different methods, it is important to note that they concern Kratom capsules rather than tablets. Kratom tablets are always made industrially as most people don’t have the resource to source bonding agents, chemical additives, and synthesizers. On top of this, you need a pill press. As the process is so complicated and the result is an impure product, it is best to stick with the most common type of Kratom pills, capsules.

Industrial Pill Forming

Creating pills using industrial methods requires ample machinery. Many Kratom vendors will invest in these machines as it allows them to process many pills in a short amount of time. These machines will take an empty vegetable cap, separate it, fill it with Kratom powder, and seal it all within a fraction of a second. Every dose is going to be the same, providing necessary consistency to researchers.

Manual Pill Forming

Another method for creating Kratom pills is to make them at home manually. You can use the raw Kratom powder and buy empty vegetable capsules. The only problem with this method is that it is easy to get the dosage wrong, and you are bound to make a mess. If you do end up trying this, it is best to buy an encapsulation tray to help prevent messes and save the product.

Commonly Sold Kratom Pills

Several types of Kratom pills are commonly sold online. These strains contain unique combinations of alkaloids and offer users the chance to change up their experience. They are also the most popular strains, which is why they are commonly sold. These Kratom pill types are:

  • Maeng Da Kratom Capsules
  • Borneo White Kratom Capsules
  • Red Maeng Da Capsules
  • Bali Kratom Capsules

While you can buy these Kratom strains in powder form and make your own capsules at home, it is recommended to use the premade capsules. The convenience and consistency they provide are often worth the slightly higher price. If you have questions or are looking to buy a stronger type of pill, you can speak to a reputable supplier about Kratom extract pills.

Lab-Tested Pills

One of the most critical steps you must take when using Kratom pills is checking to see that they are lab-tested. Most reliable vendors will advertise this fact so that researchers can know they are buying a trustworthy product. If you end up finding a retailer that does not give you accurate information about their different products, they most likely are trying to scam you.

As the farmers in Southeast Asia rely upon the sale of these products to maintain their standard of living, if you are working with a company that is not fair trade, you are supporting a business that could be taking advantage of these farmers. When you buy lab-tested products from an ethical, fair-trade source, you can rest assured that you support a sustainable and positive Kratom pills production cycle.

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