Kratom FAQ

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a natural alkaloid-rich botanical derived from the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree—an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. Though Kratom contains more than 40 alkaloids by some estimates, the main active compounds are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-OH). These compounds are believed to encourage specific effects in the body. For instance, high levels of mitragynine have been associated with energy and concentration. High levels of 7-OH have been associated with relaxation and support for physical discomfort. Refer to our Basic Facts About Kratom guide for more information.

Is Kratom Safe?

Kratom is extremely well-tolerated when enjoyed in moderation. However, it’s critical that you purchase all-natural Kratom from a trusted vendor. The product should be lab-tested, free of synthetic ingredients, free of adulterants, and free of contaminants. Research products carefully, and note the essentials to be aware of before buying Kratom.

What Are the Differences Between Kratom Strains?

Most Kratom strains are named for their location of origin. For instance, Indo Kratom traces its origins to Indonesia. Malay Kratom originates in Malaysia. Bali Kratom comes from Bali. These different strains have different alkaloid profiles, so effects can vary. For example, Maeng Da and Borneo Kratom are known for being highly potent, while Bali and Malay strains are known for being milder. To compare the effects of different strains, we recommend starting with a Kratom Beginner’s Pack.

Why Should I Buy Kratom From Kratom Gallery?

At Kratom Gallery, we only sell pure, all-natural Kratom that’s independently tested by a third-party lab. All of our Kratom is sourced from well-respected Kratom farms in Southeast Asia, and we back our products with a 30-day money back guarantee. We also offer fast shipping and friendly, knowledgeable customer service, so you can buy with the utmost confidence.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Currently we use USPS to discreetly ship all orders. We offer USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days) and USPS Priority Mail Express (1-2 business days).

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

We offer USPS Priority Mail, which takes 2-3 business days for delivery. If your order is being shipped to California, you can expect your order to be delivered next business day. Most orders will be delivered within three business days, but could take up to five business days – especially during holiday season. We also offer USPS Priority Mail Express, which takes between 1-2 business days. Most orders will be delivered within 2 business days at most, but could take up to three – during the holiday season.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Due to high costs and unreliability of international shipping, we currently do not ship internationally. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first one to find out when we start shipping internationally!

Will I Be Able To Track My Order?

Yes! As soon as your order ships, you will be receiving a shipping confirmation email with all the information necessary to track your order. Please make sure to check your spam folder in case our email gets marked as spam. You can also track your order by logging into your account and clicking Order Tracking. Alternatively, in the top right corner of our website, you will also find a login link.

Do You Ship To A.P.O and P.O. Boxes?

Yes, since we ship via USPS we have the ability to ship to P.O. Boxes and A.P.O. addresses without any problems. If there is an issue with your address, our system will catch it and we will contact you to verify it.

Do You Ship Discreetly?

Yes, we pay special attention to the privacy of our customers. We ship all orders in standard USPS envelopes, with only our return address on the shipping label.

What If My Order Is Delayed?

Unfortunately delays do happen every once in a while, and most of the time it is out of our control. If a delay does happen, please contact us and we will try and resolve it for you, however USPS should be your first point of contact in these cases.

Can I Place A Phone Order?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer phone orders. We only accept online orders, and payment methods are only accepted via online, not email nor phone.

Is Buying On Your Website Safe?

Absolutely! Our website is encrypted with a mandatory TLS certificate as well as multiple firewalls to ensure the utmost security and privacy of our customers. In addition, our website is scanned for malware and potential security threats by a third party security company every 30 minutes.

Is The Product Pictured The Same Product I’ll Be Receiving?

Yes and no. As we have an enormous customer database and ship hundreds of orders every day, we go through inventory very quickly. Given this, sometimes the batches of powder we receive can be different in color, as this is due to the harvest of leaves. This is simply due to nature and is out of our control. Not to worry, we guarantee our powder to be fresh and consistent in quality every batch we receive. Every batch received is quality tested as we have an impeccable reputation in this industry to maintain.