Get to Know Green Malay Kratom & Its Effects

Green Malaysian Kratom—commonly known as Green Malay—is wildly popular. Not only is it a best seller here at Kratom Gallery, but it’s consistently a top-rated strain worldwide. So what makes it so special? In order to understand its popularity, you have to understand Green Malay Kratom’s effects as well as its history. 

What Is Green Malay Kratom? 

Green Malay is a native Malaysian strain of Kratom, a botanical derived from the Mitragyna speciosa tree. This evergreen tree is abundant throughout Southeast Asia, and there are dozens of strains and cultivars currently grown. Green Malay is, as the name suggests, a native Malaysian variety. 

Malaysian Kratom’s effects can depend on the vein color. While “Malaysian” or “Malay” refers to the actual strain, the “green” refers to the vein color. Kratom is most commonly available in red vein, white vein, and green vein varieties. White vein Kratom leaves are plucked early in the maturation cycle, when the leaf veins have a white, almost translucent hue. Red vein Kratom leaves are plucked after they’ve fully matured and the veins have a reddish or brownish color. Green vein Kratom leaves are plucked in between, while they’re semi-mature. 

Malaysian Kratom has been enjoyed in Malaysia and surrounding nations for centuries. It was long relied upon by manual laborers in the region (like farmers and fishermen) for the purpose of remaining energized and productive throughout the day. In the 19th century, it caught the attention of merchants in the Malaya region at a time when opium supplies were scarce. It has since made its way across Asia and ultimately to the Western World. 

Where Is Green Malay Kratom Grown? 

Though Malaysian Kratom traces its origins to the Malay Peninsula, most Malaysian Kratom today is grown in Indonesia. This is because Indonesia’s laws are more friendly to Kratom cultivators. Under the terms of the Malaysian Poison Act of 1952, Kratom is regarded as a psychotropic substance in Malaysia and is therefore illegal to sell, transport, process, or export. 

Although most Green Malay is grown in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia, the genetics are the same as traditional Malaysian-grown Kratom. This part of the world offers the precise conditions for growing kratom in terms of the heat, the year-round tropical humidity, and even the pH level of the soil. Green Malay Kratom can flourish successfully in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and many of the surrounding islands. What matters is having the right genetics and the right environmental conditions to grow Kratom. Any Kratom products grown outside of Southeast Asia are cheap imitations, so if you want to experience Green Malay Kratom’s benefits, make sure you’re getting the real deal. 

Green Malaysian Kratom Effects

Malaysian Kratom is known for being a euphoric strain, and Green Malay exemplifies this quality. This may be due to the fact that Green Malay has a much higher concentration of total alkaloids than similar strains. In one clinical examination, researchers found Green Malay extract to have a 94.9% alkaloid concentration. No other strain examined came close (White Borneo measured 85.1%, Red Thai measured 84.7%, and Red Bali measured 81.8%). 

And it’s not just the total alkaloids. It’s specifically the concentration of mitragynine that matters. In the same clinical examination, researchers measured 59.7% mitragynine content in Green Malay extracts—compared to 48.2% for White Borneo, 44% for Red Thai, and 37.7% for Red Bali. 

So to understand Green Malay Kratom’s effects in relation to other strains and vein colors, you have to understand how the alkaloids work. Mitragynine is regarded as the more uplifting alkaloid (associated with energy, focus, motivation, and mood) while 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-OH) is regarded as the more soothing alkaloid (associated with relaxation and relief). 

Green Malay Kratom Effects vs Other Green Strains 

Since Green Kratom boasts a higher alkaloid profile overall and a higher mitragynine concentration than even many white vein strains (like the aforementioned White Borneo), you might experience effects that are highly energizing, motivating, and euphoric. It’s a good all-day strain for when you need to quiet that critical internal monologue and get stuff done. It’s not generally recommended for evening use, as—like a stiff cup of coffee—it might keep you awake well into the night. 

Green Malay Kratom Effects vs Red & White Malay Kratom

Red Malay, White Malay, and Green Malay Kratom effects are all different because each variety has a different alkaloid profile. While all three varieties are rich in mitragynine, they vary in their concentration of 7-OH. As the Kratom leaf ages, the concentration of 7-OH increases. That’s why green Kratom has more 7-OH than white Kratom, and red Kratom has more 7-OH than green Kratom (even though this secondary alkaloid still exists in trace amounts, usually below 1% of total volume). In addition, there tends to be a mild drop-off in mitragynine as the leaf ages. 

Based on this information: 

  • Green Malay is potentially less energizing than White Malay. However, Green Malay already contains such a high concentration of mitragynine that the difference is likely negligible. 
  • Green Malay is potentially less relaxing than Red Malay. You can enjoy a full range of Green Malay Kratom benefits while still being active and productive. 

Due to its high alkaloid concentration, Malaysian Kratom can be potent and powerful. When choosing a Malaysian variety, Green Malay is arguably the best choice because it has a more balanced alkaloid profile than its red and white counterparts. Users have described it as energizing and soothing. 

Experience Green Malaysian Kratom Effects for Yourself

Kratom affects everyone differently. And Malaysian Kratom’s effects may vary depending on your body chemistry, your personal tolerance, and the concentration or amount of Kratom being enjoyed.

With that in mind, the best way to get a feel for Green Malay Kratom’s effects is to try it for yourself. Kratom Gallery offers all-natural Green Malaysian Kratom Powder that is lab tested, expertly grown by multi-generational Kratom farmers, and satisfaction-guaranteed. Buy Kratom online from the industry leader, and discover Green Malay Kratom’s benefits for yourself.

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