What are Kratom Extracts and Why You Might Prefer Them

Kratom is still a relatively new entity in the world of botanicals, and unless you’re ‘in the know’ so to speak, you might not be aware that there are variations in the way Kratom is produced and used.

If you thought Kratom only came in powder or leaf form, you’re not alone, but by sticking to these two products you could well be short-changing yourself and missing out on several benefits.

Kratom extracts offer a different way of using this incredible botanical, but before you rush out to buy some, let’s take a look at the whys and wherefores of this potent version.

Smaller but Mightier

No matter what form you burn, using the same amounts every day or every time can cause a tolerance, which will result in a disappointing cessation of acknowledgement. In other words, your body has gotten comfortable with the the aroma you are burning, and no longer is sensitized to it.

This is of course bad news.

It is always good practice to mix things up a little when it comes to Kratom; change the amounts and mix strains that you burn, and you will see much longer-term effectiveness.

One way to do this is to throw in some extract every now and again. Because it is stronger, it will provide an added ‘oomph’ without having to up the amount of standard powder you are used to.

Look After the Pennies

If the only thing putting you off buying extracts is the cost, think again. While it’s true that Kratom extracts are more expensive than standard powder, the fact that they are more potent means that your purchase will last you a lot longer.

It’s well worth doing a bit of number crunching here, because the cost vs. saving can differ, depending on how often you use Kratom, and how much you use when you do.

Some Kratom extracts can be three times as expensive as standard powder, and with good reason; the process of producing these extracts is far more time consuming and labor intensive than the regular version, incurring both labor and material costs.

That, though, can be offset by the fact that you will only use half of the amount, which could work out at around the same price or even slightly lower, so it’s well worth spending a little bit of time working out costs and doing your research. When you think that some extracts can be 10x more concentrated, you can begin to see how there’s money to be saved.

Be Adventurous

By definition, anyone who uses Kratom has to be an open-minded person who likes to experiment, so why stick to the same old same old once you have found a product to suit?

Even the best things in life can get boring if you don’t switch it up a bit.

By using a mix of powder, leaves, and now Kratom extracts, you can keep things fresh and interesting, and enjoy the effects that each one gives.

But…what about liquid extracts?

The Midas Touch

Liquid Kratom extract can be thought of as liquid gold, given its versatility as well as its potency. Like the powdered extract, the liquid form is stronger than standard powder, but its delivery is second to none, especially to those who are averse to Kratom in that way.

Added to smoothies, juice, cordial, tea, coffee, or even cocoa, liquid Kratom is available on the market, just not here since it doesn’t fall in line with our product lines.

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