The Legalities of Kratom in Idaho

With two time zones to its name, Idaho is a huge state, and it’s thought that if all the mountains in the state were flattened, Idaho would, in fact, be the same size as Texas. And that’s big. Situated to the west side of the Rocky Mountains, this beautiful region stretches from Canada to Nevada, and really does have it all by way of scenery, from the majestic mountains to the sparkling lakes and rivers, not to mention the lush green hillsides.

While it is the 14th largest state in the US, Idaho has a relatively small population, and is, in fact,  the 7th least densely populated of all 50 states.

Something of a jewel of the Pacific Northwest, Idaho’s mountains offer treasures of all kinds, with the likes of gold, copper, and silver being mined to this day, as well as tungsten, zinc, and platinum. If your interest lies more in the crystal side of things, Idaho is also rich in gemstones, and agate, jade, opal, and even diamonds have all been found in ‘them there hills’.

But where does Idaho stand in the field of Kratom?

Well, fans of this humble but powerful plant will be pleased to know that Kratom is totally legal in Idaho, despite a new bill being introduced in February 2020 that sought to regulate the product (but with no sponsors, it failed to be passed into law). The bill had many caveats, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • All vendors would be obliged to register with the Department of Agriculture, and pay the ensuing fees.
  • Label all Kratom products
  • Ensure that each product sold had an accompanying certificate of analysis from an independent laboratory.
  • Limit the percentage of 7-hydroxymitragynine to no more than 2%.
  • Only sell to buyers over the age of 21.

Now, while it is of course a good thing that Kratom is legal in Idaho, some of the points of the bill would have been vital in ensuring the safety and reputation of the product. For instance, one point stated that no Kratom product could be sold if it had tested positive for salmonella, E coli, and heavy metals which, as you can see, should be a no-brainer, but sadly there are some vendors who will make full use of the lack of regulation to make a fast buck with poor quality and sometimes dangerous products.

Where Can I Buy Kratom in Idaho?

Simply put, pretty much anywhere! Because it is totally unregulated, Kratom can be bought at vape shops, herb shops, and tobacco shops, which is great news if you absolutely know that the vendor is trustworthy. However, especially for those who are new to the product, it can be a minefield trying to source good quality, safe Kratom when it’s sold on every street corner.

Why Buying Online Makes the Most Sense

While it might seem like a Godsend to be able to pop out and buy Kratom while doing your weekly shopping, it can be fraught with danger.

As Kratom becomes more popular and more well-known, unscrupulous vendors will want in on the action, and will buy – and therefore sell – substandard Kratom that at best will have no effect, and at worst could make you extremely ill…if you have ever suffered from salmonella, you’ll know what we mean!

Buying your product online will allow you the luxury of researching the various companies selling Kratom, and those who are trustworthy and professional will proudly display the fact that they use 3rd party independent testing. It’s worth bearing in mind that this testing isn’t compulsory and is very expensive, so it speaks volumes about a vendor when they undertake this testing voluntarily.

It’s also worth noting that online sellers often source directly from the farmers, with no middle-man involved. Shops, on the other hand, will often buy from a warehouse with shelves upon shelves of often badly-stored Kratom which could have been there for months, degrading with every passing week.

In short, the convenience of buying from a shop is not worth the risk of poor quality and/or contaminated Kratom, and if you look at it objectively, you can’t get more convenient than having it delivered directly to your door, can you?

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