Why You Should Try Kratom Samples

Until you are au fait with Kratom, you might be reluctant to splash the cash for a larger amount in case it doesn’t agree with you, or have the desired aroma. You might even find that you and the vendor don’t see eye to eye, or that you have taken a dislike to some other aspect of your purchase. If this is the case, you might find yourself out of pocket for no good reason. This is why vendors use samples, and why this might be the road you should take to ensure you get the best from your product.

So…Are Kratom Samples Free?

Most vendors will be more than happy to send out a small sample of their wares to allow you to try the different strains and potencies; after all, it’s in the vendor’s best interests as he will (hopefully) get a satisfied customer who stays loyal to him and comes back for regular, future sales.

Of course, sending out free samples means the vendor is technically losing money, which is why they will probably ask for you to pay the shipping costs.

But (you may ask), if the samples are free, why am I having to pay for shipping? Well, as we have said above, the vendor is already losing money by giving you your samples for free; if they were to cover the shipping costs, they would lose money twice. Asking you to cover the shipping costs means that you both save money.

But, more than that, when the customer pays the shipping costs, it shows the vendor that they are serious buyers, and not just messing about. After all, if the shipping was free, every Tim, Nick, and Harry could order tons of Kratom from different vendors, and have a nice little side-line themselves. Paying for shipping shows the vendor that the customer is committed to the whole process and not just wasting their time.

But are there any actual benefits from this ‘try before you buy’ method?

In short, yes. And here we will explain a few of them.

You’ll get to Know New Strains and Types of Kratom

This is useful whether you’re new to Kratom or you’ve been familiar with it for a while, because it is a great opportunity for you to test a new strain without making a large financial commitment. Any respectable vendor will have tons of information on their site, so as a new user, you can browse through the pages, and then select the one/s you want based on the description of its properties.

On the other hand, if you’re an old hand at Kratom but have been sticking to the same strain for a while, free samples are the perfect way to try out a new strain that’s different to the one you’ve been sticking with.

You Can Check Out the Customer Service

A good relationship between vendor and customer is essential if you are to get the best out of Kratom, and most vendors will go out of their way to help a loyal and valued customer. But in order for that relationship to begin, you need to ‘meet’ first – a blind date, if you will. Ordering free samples does not mean that you should be treated any less professionally than a regular customer. When you ask questions or place an order for samples, take notice of how quickly the vendor replies, how friendly they are, and how willing they are to help. Remember, first impressions count.

You Can Test Drive the Strains to See Which One is Right

We’ve already mentioned that free samples are a great way to get to know the different strains, but trying them is also the best way to discover what works for you and what doesn’t. Keep a Kratom diary and use a page for each sample you try – do your research and write down the reported effects, and then write down your own experience of each one. Don’t forget that you might need different strains for different moods – one to pick you up, one to energize you, one to help you sleep…trying all these different strains will become very confusing if you don’t keep a journal of your experiences with each one.

You’ll Find Out That it’s Quality, Not Quantity That Matters

When you try different vendors, you will naturally look at their prices for when you do decide to commit to a purchase. As a first time Kratom user, it can be tempting to go for the cheapest price. But when you try before you buy, you will soon see that the cheaper vendors’ goods are far less superior to the more expensive vendors’. This is because the vendors who sell cheaply often buy in old stock, and one of the things you will learn if you read through the pages of our site is that Kratom has a shelf life, and once it passes that duration, it loses its potency. Cheaper Kratom is usually either stock that’s been sitting in a warehouse somewhere, or stock that hasn’t been stored properly and the vendors got it for a ‘good’ price.

Kratom – if it’s sold by a reputable company – will have gone through a very expensive testing process, and each batch is tested, which works out to be costly. This cost (and therefore quality) is reflected in the price; cheap Kratom will probably not have been tested, and can contain all kinds of nasties that could cause some dissatisfaction.

As always, do your research into the vendors, and only choose ones who proudly display their quality control certification, and if possible select ones who have already passed the stringent criteria for the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This ensures that the Kratom you are buying is bound by the act to be free of all contaminants and is of a high quality.

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