Green Kratom: Five Strains To Try

Green Kratom is one of the most favored strains, as it offers users a balance between some of the other available strains. Unlike red strains, which can be very soothing, and white strains that can be energizing, green Kratom is a strain that can potentially target focus and relaxation targeting that sweet spot. Many Kratom users like to use green Kratom because it can help them work throughout the day. 

When buying Green Kratom, there are several different types, all with unique characteristics. If you think you will want to try out green Kratom, it is best to start your search at a reputable vendor’s online store. By purchasing high-quality Kratom from a reputable location, you don’t have to worry about using counterfeit products. 

Is Kratom A Tree?

Kratom comes from the mitragyna speciosa tree. This tree grows large leaves, which are dried and ground down into Kratom powder. The tree grows throughout Southeast Asia and can host various active compounds known as alkaloids, due to the nutrient-dense soil present in this area. 

The indigenous communities in these areas have long used this product, but popularity has grown throughout the world over time. The small farms in Southeast Asia are now becoming cash crops for communities allowing them to sustain their livelihood. Now many of the Kratom crops represent sustainable agriculture. Rather than wiping out the entire forest as many of these industries do, it operates to benefit the environment.

There are some monoculture plantations in Southeast Asia like palm oil and timber. These industries can be very destructive and force people to migrate off their land. Not only do these farming tactics wipe the forest of its nutrients, but they also can eliminate entire species of wildlife. While many people are aware of environmental issues impacting rainforests worldwide, there is often confusion about solving this issue. By looking at a sustainable example of farming such as Kratom farms, people can get an idea of better practices.

Kratom is harvested in the wild and sometimes planted in small backyard farms. These do not affect the other wildlife species. As the harvesting is staggered, the tree has a chance to rebuild itself over time. This fluctuating harvest time is also responsible for the changing of the active compounds in the plant.

Over the course of the Kratom lifecycle, the leaves change in color. While they are changing, they are also changing on the inside. The two active alkaloids will fluctuate. Leaves that are the least mature, the white-veined leaves, are picked first, and these have more mitragynine. The most mature leaves are red-veined, and they are picked last. The leaves with the green veins are picked between the white and red-veined leaves. At this point in the maturation, the alkaloids’ concentrations are drastically changing, settling on a balanced concoction. The balance in alkaloid make-up is why it has become so popular. 

The Five Strains to Look For

There are many types of green Kratom. Depending on where the plant is grown, the effects of the strain will vary.

  1. Bali Green Kratom comes from the island of Bali. It is very similar to red and White Bali, but many people believe it to be milder and a bit more relaxing.
  1. Malay Green Kratom is now becoming one of the most popular. It flew under the radar for a while, but now it is a top seller. Similar to Bali Green, it can produce relaxation-infused aromas.
  1. Indo Green Kratom comes from Indonesia, but there is more 7-hydroxymitragynine but not as much as you would find in one of the red strains. People opt for Indo Green as a transition strain to more potent options.
  1. Thai Green Kratom, like the name suggests, comes from Thailand. People love this strain because it comes from an area where farming traditions were established long ago. Thai Green Kratom is an excellent place to start when trying out the Thai strains.
  1. Maeng Da Green Kratom is, by far, the most popular green strain. It has the most amount of active compounds, making it much stronger. If you have tried the other strains are looking for something that has a bit more punch, this is the option for you.

The best way to ensure you’re getting high-quality green Kratom is by buying from a store that works directly with their suppliers in Southeast Asia. They should be promoting fair trade business and operating sustainably.

Once you visit a reputable dealer, you can speak to them about the different green strains they offer. They may be able to give you some more information on which one will suit your lifestyle best. If one doesn’t work, you can always try another or move onto a different color strain entirely. By working with an honest vendor, you can ensure consistency between uses.

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