A Few Essentials to be Aware of before Buying Kratom

Kratom isn’t a new thing – in fact, it’s been utilized by humans for centuries, and yet, despite the close relationship between man and plant, it is still largely misunderstood.

Times are changing, however, and many people are turning away from western methods and looking for more natural alternatives with which to treat their discomforts. With such a huge crisis in the western world, it’s only natural (pun absolutely intended) that we are starting to take control of our own well being.

However, just because something is natural doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly; Kratom, like any other natural product, should be researched and pored over so that you are well-versed in what you are using and why. The old saying ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ just doesn’t apply to the world of alternative remedies, and Kratom is no exception.

If you have come to this article, the chances are you are either pretty well-informed already, or are looking for some answers, and either way we’re glad to have you here! Continue reading for just a few of the things we think you should know before you embark on this fascinating journey into wellness.

Where did it All Start?

Kratom might be relatively new to your world, but its history goes back a long long time. Grown in South East Asia, Kratom has been traditionally used to provide stamina, wellbeing, and a reduction in stress levels by workers in the fields and their families. Related to the coffee plant, Kratom is fairly forgiving when it comes to growing conditions, and will grow in both dry and wet conditions, although it is best suited to the moist and humid environment that is usually associated with the likes of Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

First imported to the United States by soldiers returning from Vietnam, it has become more and more popular and is now enjoying popularity in the world of alternative remedies.

No Stresses, Just Strains

Kratom is generally available in three strains – red, white, and green. This color coding refers to the color of the veins on the leaf when it is harvested, although the veins themselves are stripped before the leaf is processed.

There is some disagreement about how the colors come about; some say it denotes how long a leaf has been left to grow, while others claim it is all to do with the drying process. We think it’s probably a combination of many factors, but what matters is how the strain will affect you, the customer.

Red Vein Kratom’s aroma is probably the most popular choice as it promotes harmony and peace, and feelings of general well-being.

Green Vein’s aroma is something of an all-rounder, and will improve concentration and induce a cheery frame of mind.

White Vein is the youngest of the strains and combines the properties of the Red with an added boost of aromatic properties, and is the perfect strain to help you get through long and arduous days.

Testing, Testing….

If the vendor you’re considering buying from doesn’t use a third party lab or can’t tell you about it when you ask, find another vendor. Third party testing is vital to ensure that you are getting a safe product, and it’s something we take incredibly seriously.

Certain unscrupulous sellers will use additives to bulk out their product in the hope of making a fast buck, but the price you could end up paying could be way higher. For instance, third party lab testing will check for contaminants such as heavy metals, molds, bacteria, and pesticides – all of which can be found in inferior Kratom.

We’re proud of our stringent quality control, and we are happy to provide you with details of our lab testing and results on request – just ask.

Is it Legal?

Things are improving as far as legality goes, but it is essential that you check your local laws before buying Kratom. While many places have removed the ban on Kratom, there are some locations where Kratom is still illegal, and in some cases can carry a heavy penalty. The industry is working hard to ensure that eventually, Kratom is accessible legally to all, but until that happens, please keep up to date with the laws where you are, or where you will be going.

And Finally…

Kratom is a wonderful product, but as with anything there are good sellers and bad. By using a reputable company such as ours, you will be assured of quality and safety, and also value for money. Using a sub-standard product will result in disappointing effects (at best) and you won’t get the benefits that this wonderful plant can give. Do your research, choose a reputable company such as ourselves, and you will begin a long and fruitful relationship with Kratom that will improve your life immeasurably.

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