How to Store Your Kratom and What to Avoid

There are numerous articles available online, and even on our site, that tell you how to store your Kratom, but what many of them don’t explain is why. We believe that knowledge is power, and by knowing the pitfalls of different conditions and the effect they have on your supply, you are better placed to make the best decisions about where to keep your product.

Kratom isn’t like cookies which go a bit stale when they’re left out of the jar. Storing it incorrectly can affect its efficacy and potency, and actually change the chemical makeup altogether.

Time Critical

Kratom is best used within 1-3 months of delivery. But you also need to know that it has been shipped as soon as possible after processing, which is one of the many reasons you should buy from a reputable vendor. We ship our Kratom quickly to ensure that you receive a fresh and potent product that’s safe, effective, and pleasurable to use.

It goes without saying that it should be stored in an airtight container, and there is more information available on the types of storage to use in our other articles. But for the purposes of this article, we will look more on the ‘what not to dos’ than the ‘should dos’ (although there’s a little of that as well).

Keep a Constant Temperature

Kratom doesn’t like fluctuations in temperature, so you will need to find a room where the temperature is pretty consistent. If you have the heating going on and off through the day, or tend to give the room a blast of the air con, your Kratom will be all the worse for it.

Artificial heating and air cooling isn’t the only thing to consider, though. Make a note of how the sun moves during the day, and if your room tends to heat up as the day goes on, you’ll need to find a room that’s not affected; like a cellar, perhaps.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day…

…or any day, in fact, is bad for your stash. While the rays might be good for topping up your vitamin D levels, they can degrade Kratom really quickly. UV rays can actually cause Kratom to break down, rendering it useless.

Of course, Kratom is grown in the sun, so don’t panic if a shaft of sunlight happens to fall across your product, but to avoid prolonged exposure, consider keeping it in a dark glass jar, like an apothecary jar, for instance, where the light can’t get to it.

Limit the Oxygen

Good old Tupperware comes into its own with Kratom, because the less air it is exposed to, the better it will keep. Just like food that’s exposed to too much oxygen will rot, so Kratom will go ‘off’ too, and while you might not end up with a severely sick stomach, it won’t do you any good, either. As with the sunlight, don’t despair and trash your stash if it is exposed to some air, because that is inevitable – just try and limit the exposure as much as possible.

Like Vampires, Keep it Away from Garlic

So if Kratom likes somewhere cool with little light, the fridge seems like the perfect solution. And it actually is a great place to sore Kratom.


If you also store something like garlic, or onions, or smelly cheeses in the same place, your Kratom may well absorb those odors and end up smelling just like them. And let’s face it, Kratom isn’t the most palatable of products at the best of times.

It’s also worth bearing in mind what was stored in the container you use before Kratom, because any smells will be absorbed in the same way.

Keep it Dry

Moisture is the enemy of Kratom, and if you let it get wet it will go moldy. This applies to powder, leaves, or capsules, so make sure it’s as dry as a bone.

Portion Control

When you buy a supply of Kratom, it will keep fresher for longer if you only take out what you think you’ll use for a few days, and store the rest in an airtight bag or container out of sight. That keeps any exposure to light, heat, and air to a minimum until you need to replenish your short term stash.

If you’re using bags as opposed to containers, try and squeeze every drop of air from the bag before you seal it, too.

If you are going to keep it in the fridge, only make a week’s worth as it will go off after that. Keep it in an airtight container at the back of the fridge.

Types of Containers

Plastic bags are by far the best option for storing Kratom, not least because it’s easy to remove all the air before sealing. Plastic boxes are also great as they are usually airtight, which is imperative for keeping Kratom fresh.

Glass has its place in Kratom storage, too, especially if you use a dark glass as mentioned before to reduce the risk of light contamination. However, never use glass in the freezer as it can break if you’re storing liquids.

Keep an Eye on it

Once your Kratom has been safely stored, you will do well to check on it regularly, especially if you are storing it for a period of time. Even when you think you have stored it correctly things can go wrong, and it can become moldy, stale, or suffer from freezer burn. The general rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t look like it did when you stored it, it’s probably gone off. When your Kratom is stored correctly, it will serve you well so it’s worth taking the time and trouble to make sure you are doing it properly. Think of it as an investment and you will get the best returns for your hard earned cash.

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