DIY Kratom Capsules: Is It Worth The Effort?

Kratom is a substance that has seen increased popularity in recent years. While there are restrictions on its availability in the USA, vendors can still sell Kratom for research purposes. When you are purchasing Kratom, you will notice several different forms available, one of the most common being Kratom powder. The powder is the most natural form of Kratom and can be used for various DIY projects, including DIY Kratom capsules.

Kratom’s Traditional Use

Kratom has long been renowned by indigenous communities throughout Southeast Asia. As the climate in this part of the world is ideal for growing the tree, it has long been a part of their history. The tree, mitragyna speciosa, grows large leaves used to create the raw Kratom powder you see available. 

These leaves traditionally were chewed on with people claiming it relieves pain and increases focus. In some cases, they would even make tea from the leaves and enjoy the plant in this form. While these traditional methods were once the easiest way to enjoy Kratom, Kratom capsules provide heightened convenience, especially for those just starting their Kratom research journey. 

Kratom Today

In modern times, Kratom has taken on various forms. After the mitragyna speciosa tree leaves are ground into a powder, it can be further processed into extracts, which will provide researchers with a more potent product. Capsules are another great alternative to the powder and are usually available at many stores. 

Capsules tend to be one of the most popular forms because of how easy they are to transport. As each dose has been carefully measured, there is no risk that you have the wrong amount. However, with DIY becoming a popular trend worldwide, people now want to make their capsules at home. While it may seem like all you need is some Kratom powder and empty capsules, it is not as effortless as you would think. 

How Capsules Are Made

Looking through any health food store aisle, the capsules you see for sale are created using large industrial equipment. These machines are almost always fully automatic. The process involves a machine that separates the empty capsules into two halves. Each half is filled with powder, and then the two halves are then compressed back together. The process happens very quickly and can usually fill hundreds of gel caps in just a few minutes. Along with these machines’ efficiency, there is minimal wasting of the raw material, making them cost-effective. 

DIY capsules, on the other hand, are not going to be made this quickly. Unless you are willing to pay thousands of dollars for an industrial machine, you will have to do this by hand. First, you need to purchase empty capsules, and then scoop your Kratom powder into each half and close them. You are bound to make a mess and spill good Kratom on the floor. 

If you are determined to make DIY capsules, you may want to purchase an encapsulation tray. These manual trays are excellent tools for DIYers, and they are very straightforward to use. The tray will often have around 100 small holes the size of a capsule. You can then place one half of the empty capsule into these holes. You then pour the Kratom powder onto the tray and spread it evenly into each small hole. These trays will help you to save your Kratom, ensuring no spills occur. It also will take less time than manually filing each one. 

The Issue

While you may still be tempted to try DIY, there are issues with both of the methods outlined above. As you will be eyeballing how much Kratom you add to each capsule, you can’t guarantee consistency. As research often requires exact measurements for accurate results, fluctuations in weight can negatively influence your efforts. 

Depending on how packed down the powder is or your personal opinions, there is no way you can get the exact measurements for every capsule, making DIY capsules a risky endeavor. 

DIY Tips

If you’re going to go ahead and try DIY capsules anyways, you should be implementing the following tips:

  • Keep your tools clean.
  • Find out the ideal weight per pill and use a scale.
  • Continue to weigh throughout the process and check again at the end.
  • Use small tools like scrapers and scoops to adjust the weight.
  • Jot down which methods work best so you can refer back to this next time.

Purchase Capsules From A Reputable Distributor

While you may think DIY Kratom capsules are a great idea, you are bound to run into some problems throughout the process. If you want to avoid mistakes and guarantee consistency, purchase professionally made Kratom capsules from a trustworthy distributor. There are often various strains available, and you may even get to buy capsules filled with extracts.

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