What Is The Difference Between Kratom Powders & The Extracts?

Are you a Kratom consumer that is wondering about the difference between extracts and powders? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many people are often confused about these products as they can sometimes appear similar. Depending on where you are purchasing your Kratom, the labeling convention on the packaging and the store’s terminology may lead you to buy the wrong product. Once you know, you can more easily choose the right one for you. 

Where Does The Product Come From?

If you have heard of Kratom, but unsure what it is or where it comes from, it is helpful to look at the mitragyna speciosa tree. The mitragyna speciosa tropical evergreen tree grows in hot and humid rainforests throughout Southeast Asia. The leaves from this tree are dried out and processed to create the Kratom products you see on the shelf. The time of harvest and the processing methods used all affect the alkaloid makeup in the final product, giving Kratom its therapeutic effects. 

For hundreds of years, the communities in Southeast Asia have been utilizing Kratom daily as a critical part of their medicinal practices. Within the last 20-30 years, Kratom has become much more widely known through Western countries, primarily the USA. With more widespread awareness of Kratom, the substance has attracted scrutiny from governing bodies like the FDA. Due to its stance, Kratom has not been recognized as a substance that has advantageous medicinal properties. Efforts have been made to conduct more Kratom research to combat their perspective. 

The Extracts

Now that you have a better understanding of the substance, its origins, and its place in the USA, it is time to outline the extracts’ key characteristics. Extracts will provide you with a much higher concentration of active compounds in one single dose than a powder. In many cases, it is multiple times the concentration. While many people assume that extracts come primarily in liquid format, they are usually powder, making differentiating from the non-extracts challenging. The extracts are formed using the raw Kratom powder, which is ground down and cured leaves of the mitragyna speciosa. This powder is boiled to create a tea-like liquid. Once the large chunks and debris have been strained from the tea, it is exposed to continuous heat until most of the water has steamed off and what’s left is a dark pasty substance. The paste is processed even further through drying and grinding. What is left is a darker powder that is much more concentrated. 

The Powders

As the extracts also come in powder form, they are often confused with the raw-powder, which has not been further processed into an extract. The powders are the most common form of Kratom, as this is technically just ground up leaves after being cured. The powders can often be bought in bulk quantities, making them a consumer favorite. The bulk powder can then be vacuum sealed and frozen so that you can store it long-term. Depending on when the leaves were harvested from the mitragyna speciosa, and how they were dried or cured, their alkaloid makeup can change, affecting the strain of Kratom it is classified under. You can also take the powders and encapsulate them yourself so that you can more easily take each and move them around. However, it is important to discern if a powder or an extract before taking as their effects can differ drastically. 


To figure out if you are dealing with a powder or extract, you must analyze each product’s appearance and smell. While they may look similar at a glance, they are quite different. The extracts at the end are much darker than the powders, and they have a more robust fragrance. The reason why is because they are more concentrated, and thus there are more active compounds present which affects the look and scent. 

Look For Ratios

Often in Kratom stores, you will see 50:1 or 50x on a package, which means that it is an extract. Often extracts are more expensive because you are essentially getting multiples the amount of Kratom, just less physical quantity. When you purchase something with this type of ratio, you must understand what it means as it will affect how your measurements. Someone new to Kratom should start with powders as they are milder while extracts are undoubtedly more potent. Once you know how Kratom affects you, you can graduate onto the extracts.

Buy Premium

Buying premium is the key to ensuring both the extracts and powders you purchase are lab-test and high-grade. You shouldn’t be worried about the products you are buying or wondering what they do, which is why you should buy from a reputable dealer. The production methods in use ensure that all extracts and powders are as pure as possible. 

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