Some Interesting Things to Know about the Wonderful Kratom

What is it about Kratom that has people raving about it? After all, it’s fairly new to the scene so how come so many people swear by it?

There’s actually a gazillion things we could tell you about Kratom, but we thought we’d use this article to fill you in on some of the most well-known and most-asked about facts newcomers will come across before starting their exciting journey. But don’t worry, even if you are already well on your way, these facts will only enhance your experience.

The Difference between Powder and Extract

We get it. Deciding what form of Kratom to use can be mind boggling. It comes in many different forms, but for the purposes of this article we have narrowed it down to two of the main products – powder and extract.

On the face of it, powder and extract look the same. Both are ground to a powder, so does that mean they’re just two names for one product?


They both start off life the same way. Leaves are harvested from the Kratom tree and then dried and processed, but for powder, the process stops there. It is packaged and stored, and then shipped to the vendor.

For extract, however, the process continues. The dried powder is then boiled down in water which intensifies the alkaloid content, and once the desired concentration of alkaloid has been achieved, the mixture is strained, and then boiled again until only solid pieces are left. These pieces are then ground back into a powder – Kratom extract.

Although Kratom powder and extract can be used in the same way, extract is far more potent, so you will need to adjust your dosage accordingly.

Kratom is Extremely Flexible

What do we mean by that? Well, we’re not talking about it being bendable, obviously. What we are talking about is the fact that there are numerous ways to incorporate Kratom into your day.

One of the biggest advantages with powder is that you can adjust your aroma right down to the milligram, so you get the perfect amount for whatever benefit you want to achieve.

Kratom is Natural

This may seem obvious to many people, but the fact is, many of those who are opposed to it will tout it as something unnatural. Nothing is added to Kratom! It’s a leaf. That’s it! Of course, there are some unscrupulous sellers who will bulk it out with questionable ingredients, but as long as you buy from an ethical, professional company such as ours, you will receive a 100% natural, nothing-added product that’s been used for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.

The active part of Kratom – the alkaloids – occur naturally, too. There is no enhancement used for ‘stronger’ or more potent strains, it is simply to do with the length of time the leaves have been growing, the drying process, and the place it has been grown in.

There are Good Sellers, and Bad Sellers

As with anything in life, there are good and bad when it comes to buying Kratom. But how do you tell the difference, and does it matter anyway?

To answer the latter first – in a, word, yes. It matters a great deal. Unscrupulous vendors will use a whole range of ‘tricks’ in order to make the maximum amount of profit from the least amount of investment. For instance, they might mix Kratom powder with other substances to bulk it out, which at best will reduce the efficacy of the product and at worst can make you very sick.

Less dangerous but still wholly unacceptable are the vendors who will buy ‘old’ stock. Kratom has a relatively short shelf life, and if it is bought late (and therefore cheaper), the effectiveness will be affected. It will be a total waste of money and you will end up disappointed.

Now to answer the question ‘how can I tell the difference?’ You probably can’t. Dodgy vendors are skilled at what they do and they will disguise their products well. So the only way you can ensure that you are buying a pure, safe product is to buy from a reputable vendor.

We have a great relationship with our farmers and with those who process the Kratom, so we know exactly where it has come from, right from the beginning. In addition to this, we employ third party testing to regularly inspect every aspect of the process, from the farms to the farmers, the machinery used, hygiene measures, and purity. Independent labs test our Kratom for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, contaminants, molds, bacteria – in fact, they test for anything that isn’t pure Kratom.

This is all done before we sell it on to you, so you know that the product you hold in your hand has passed rigorous and costly testing, and has been deemed to be of the highest possible quality.

If your vendor can’t or won’t explain their quality control process to you, or won’t show you evidence, then avoid them like the plague. This is why it is vitally important that you choose your seller well, and always opt for a company like ours who guarantee to bring you the very best Kratom for the best possible outcome.

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