Kratom Prices and the FDA

Kratom originated in Southeast Asia, and it has been used in that part of the world for centuries by those who are native to those lands. Despite the fact that kratom has been used for so long in those countries, it is still relatively new in the United States. It grew in popularity quickly, which has made some people skeptical of kratom, particularly those who are part of the regulatory bodies in the US.

The Food and Drug Administration has started to discourage the use of kratom in the country. They have issued warnings and have started to control the import of kratom. Because of these warnings and their control over the importation of kratom, it naturally affects the prices.

Import Alert 54-15

It was in 2016 that the FDA released Import Alert 54-15. This allows districts the authority to detain imports that have kratom in them without physical examination. The FDA created the alert because of the increase in the number of kratom shipments coming into the US, which coincided with the increase in popularity of the plant in the United States. They said they did this because there was a lack of information about the safety of kratom.

Before 2016, there were no real problems with importing kratom to the United States. However, when Import Alert 54-15 began, it made some rather large changes in kratom in the country. The supply of kratom was threatened, as vendors were worried about getting the plant for their customers. This caused a kerfuffle in the community of businesses and people in the United States who wanted kratom. Naturally, the demand went up while the supply went down. This caused the prices to increase, as one would expect.

The US Remains Uncertain on Kratom

The FDA has a substantial amount of power when it comes to the substances that are allowed in the United States. Their actions have influenced how people in the US make decisions. One of the strategies that the FDA has used is to malign kratom to the American people saying that there are no FDA-approved therapeutic uses of kratom and that there are safety issues with using it. Because there has been a lack of internal research, they have categorized the products as unapproved drugs.

Once they started to try to dissuade people from using kratom, they damaged the reputation of kratom and affected its prices. In 2017, the FDA said that before kratom could be marketed in the US legally, there would need to be more research done. They said that they needed to know the benefits and the potential risks of kratom as part of the regulatory process. Additionally, Congress created a set of review protocols that need to be used when scheduling substances, including kratom.

Although there has been some research into kratom, the FDA has helped to ruin the reputation of the substance in the eyes of many. There have been many headlines around the country in the past several years that have tried to denigrate kratom and scare people away from trying the substance. Naturally, this has changed the interest of consumers. Some are shying away, but many others are even more interested in trying kratom.

There indeed needs to be more studies done on kratom from respected sources. With more research, it may be possible for the FDA to have a better understanding of just what to do about the substance. Because it is related to caffeine, there is a possibility that they could make it a scheduled drug, but it is still far too early to determine what will eventually happen with kratom.

Because of the issues with importing kratom, along with the demand for the substance, it has caused some kratom vendors to raise their prices. In other cases, there have been many vendors who had to shut their doors. This has caused consternation among those who want to buy kratom in the United States. Even though it is not regulated, it can still be difficult to find what is needed for some people. What does this mean for buyers who want to try kratom?

Always Choose a Quality Product and a Great Vendor

The FDA wants to have more control over kratom because they are worried about the safety of consumers. It’s true that in the past, there have been incidents where poor quality contaminated kratom has been sold. The industry is mostly unregulated, which had allowed for some low-quality vendors to create and sell products without safety for customers in mind. Those sellers were only interested in making fast money for themselves, and this helped to give kratom a bad name.

Fortunately, there are other quality vendors and manufacturers who understand how important it is to self-regulate. This ensures that they have a quality, pure product for their customers. It also ensures that the product is not contaminated. By adopting self-regulation, it will also help them to be compliant if and when the FDA adds certain requirements or restrictions for the manufacture and sale of kratom products in the United States.

When consumers choose to buy kratom, they should always choose to buy through a reputable vendor that has a range of quality products that are ethically sourced and made safely. Buyers should also choose to find companies that have their kratom tested through a lab to ensure safety.

Those who are interested in buying kratom should also take the time to learn more about the products and the different varieties that are available. They should understand how best to take it and whether they want to buy powder or capsules. Additionally, they need to make sure it is legal for them to order in their state. Some states do not allow for the purchase of kratom in the United States, even though there is not a federal ban on the substance.

Buyers must always find the best possible vendor for their needs, and the quality of the kratom, along with purity and safety, should be the primary factors when purchasing.

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